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Name: Matthew Pennells

Current Position: Digital Transformation, Business Development Manager, Esri Global, WAMEA Region

Title of Talk: What is Smart Geo in the context of Government

Abstract: Whether it is the first or fourth industrial revolution, understanding technology is key. In a modern technology filled world there are often too many buzz words and latest hypes to allow simple and clear understanding of how technology can meet needs. GIS itself is an example of a three-letter acronym that we all know can be a powerful tool but is so often hard to explain. Esri seek to share local and international examples that seek to clear up the confusion about where geo fits in with the latest buzz words and more importantly how it closely fits in to delivering national plans.

In this presentation, the audience will hear about ‘smart’ what this really means for a city, for a country, for technology and for national development and economic growth. Esri will share a common approach with six pillars that seeks to structure all activities and ensure, technology, users and leaders all work towards common success.

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Name: Arnaud Lezennec

Current Position: Senior Application Engineer: Trimble Geospatial Advanced Solutions – EMEA region

Title of Talk: The Changing Role of the Geospatial Professional – From Measuring to Managing

Abstract: Converging forces have placed geospatial information at the centre of an evolving ecosystem. The most significant of these forces being that of technology innovation. The speed, accuracy and ease with which geospatial data can be collected today is forcing a re-think of the role geospatial professionals need to play in order remain relevant. There is a definite shift from the collection of geospatial data to managing the application of geospatial information across the value chain/continuum of his/her industry or organization. Increasingly softer skills such as project management, data management and establishing context is called for. This presentation/keynote presents one approach in figuring out this role in a selected industry and dives deeper into the relevant technology innovation of Augmented Reality using it as an example in the role change model.

Presenter bio: Arnaud Lezennec has an Advanced Master in Geology from the Paris National Museum of Natural History. He started his professional career in 1997 with MENSI (manufacturer of 3D Scanning HW and SW in FRANCE) as a 3D Scanning Engineer. He then opened the MENSI Japan office in 2001. After the Trimble acquisition in 2003, he became the Applications Manager for the ROW area. in 2008, he moved to Trimble Colorado where he occupied several technical roles (sales & marketing). In 2013, he moved to Trimble Dubai and became the Regional Sales Manager for Africa. After moving back to Colorado in 2015, he decided to move back to his home country (France) at the end of 2016 and he is now Senior Application Engineer for the Geospatial Advanced Solutions team for the EMEA region.

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